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Android demo: Fix first link in link slide
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diff --git a/experimental/qt5-intro-android/SlideDeck.qml b/experimental/qt5-intro-android/SlideDeck.qml
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--- a/experimental/qt5-intro-android/SlideDeck.qml
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@@ -227,8 +227,7 @@ You can easily deploy your app to an app store with Qt 5.1, but we recommend wai
title: "Links"
contentFormat: Text.RichText
content: [
- "<span style=\"
- Qt Project: <a style=\"color: #ffffff\" href=\"\"></a>",
+ "Qt Project: <a style=\"color: #ffffff\" href=\"\"></a>",
"Qt by Digia: <a style=\"color: #ffffff\" href=\"\"></a>",
"Follow us on Twitter",
" <a style=\"color: #ffffff\" href=\"\">@QtProject</a>",