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* Renewed filebrowser part of mediaplayer demoKimmo Ollila2016-01-194-285/+142
* Improve qt datavis demoKatja Marttila2016-01-182-11/+9
* Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.5' into dev" into devTopi Reiniƶ2016-01-180-0/+0
| * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.5' into devSamuli Piippo2016-01-150-0/+0
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| | * Doc: Bump version to Reinio2015-09-151-2/+2
* | | Update video url which mediaplayer is playing in startupKatja Marttila2016-01-151-1/+1
|/ /
* | Use example from VKB2.0Katja Marttila2016-01-145-298/+193
* | Removed demo videosKatja Marttila2016-01-143-0/+0
* | Doc: Update copyright footerTopi Reinio2016-01-141-5/+4
* | Renewed Launcher SettingsKimmo Ollila2016-01-1419-680/+488
* | Doc: Bump version to 5.6.0Topi Reinio2016-01-132-6/+6
* | Updated Virtual Keyboard screenshotKimmo Ollila2016-01-131-0/+0
* | Remove sensors demoKatja Marttila2016-01-041-10/+2
* | Exclude Extras Gallery demo from B2Qt demosKimmo Ollila2015-12-301-0/+1
* | replace mediaplayer imageKatja Marttila2015-12-281-0/+0
* | Replace camera, about-b2qt and multimedia imageKatja Marttila2015-12-183-0/+0
* | Disable client-side window decorationsPaul Olav Tvete2015-11-301-0/+1
* | Improve About Qt for Device Creation demoKatja Marttila2015-11-278-167/+55
* | 'About Qt' title bold removed and content text color changedKatja Marttila2015-11-272-2/+1
* | Demo of the new QtWayland compositor APIPaul Olav Tvete2015-11-2711-0/+1008
* | Modified application imagesKatja Marttila2015-11-2612-0/+0
* Exclude 3ddatavis demo on Rpi2Gatis Paeglis2015-06-301-0/+1
* doc: use correct example name to find its sourcesSamuli Piippo2015-06-291-1/+1
* Remove some features from the Camera demo to make it work with 5.5Laszlo Agocs2015-06-292-1/+4
* Remove Android stuff and unused content from the About B2Qt appLaszlo Agocs2015-06-253-178/+10
* Add missing Layouts import to datavis demoLaszlo Agocs2015-06-241-0/+1
* Fix data visualization demo importsLaszlo Agocs2015-06-241-5/+3
* Add planets to the demo list in the docs.Laszlo Agocs2015-06-242-0/+16
* Add physical screen size override slider to settingsLaszlo Agocs2015-06-181-0/+63
* doc: update to 5.5Samuli Piippo2015-06-172-6/+6
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into devEirik Aavitsland2015-06-165-86/+56
| * Make standalone demos work with 2d renderer5.4Samuli Piippo2015-05-294-84/+54
| * Doc: Bump version to 4.2.0Topi Reinio2015-05-291-2/+2
| * Doc: Bump version to 4.1.0Topi Reinio2015-02-181-2/+2
* | Add Canvas3D Planets demo to the launcherLaszlo Agocs2015-06-126-0/+26
* | Use ProgressBar for wifi signal strengthGatis Paeglis2015-04-162-15/+6
* | Update demos after the upstream merge of enterprise controlsAndras Becsi2015-04-096-6/+5
* | Do not build datavis demo as part of basicsuiteSamuli Piippo2015-03-271-4/+0
* | webengine: add a fencier landing pagePierre Rossi2015-03-2010-24/+228
* | Doc: Bump version to 4.1.0Topi Reinio2015-02-171-2/+2
* | Add enterprise-kinectdatavis in tradeshow demosJocelyn Turcotte2015-01-2630-0/+2081
* about-b2qt: fix preview imagev4.0.0Samuli Piippo2014-12-101-0/+0
* Updated preview image for About B2QtSamuli Piippo2014-12-091-0/+0
* Remove Flat controls demo codeAndy Nichols2014-12-0813-1252/+0
* Doc: Fix issues with the demo documentationTopi Reinio2014-12-085-27/+28
* doc: bump version to 4.0.0Samuli Piippo2014-12-041-2/+2
* doc: add flat style demoSamuli Piippo2014-12-032-0/+14
* Flat Style Demo fix to label renderingAndy Nichols2014-12-032-0/+7
* Adapt launchersettings to the B2Qt.Wifi 1.0 APIGatis Paeglis2014-12-023-85/+120
* Support Flat style and add new Controls demoAndy Nichols2014-12-0220-86/+1345