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* remove git lfs config as it is not needed anymoreHEADmasterBramastyo Harimukti2019-08-132-11/+0
* configure git LFS for big assetsBramastyo Harimukti2019-05-022-0/+11
* Add parking app for Neptune 3 UIBramastyo Harimukti2019-02-265-0/+324
* Use the new appman qmake integration for packaging the appsDominik Holland2018-12-0511-130/+44
* Add initial spotify application for Neptune 3 UIBramastyo Harimukti2018-08-314-0/+141
* Add initial camera application for Neptune 3 UIDominik Holland2018-08-3111-0/+704
* Add initial netflix application for Neptune 3 UIBramastyo Harimukti2018-08-314-0/+140
* Introduce a build system for the repositoryDominik Holland2018-08-316-0/+136
* Add README and license headerDominik Holland2018-08-292-0/+56
* Initial empty repositoryOswald Buddenhagen2018-08-090-0/+0