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-This is the changelog for jom 1.0.12, the parallel make tool.
+This is the changelog for jom 1.0.13, the parallel make tool.
+Changes since jom 1.0.12
+- Fix spurious "Can't start command" error.
+- Fix passing of -j argument to subjoms.
+- Sanity check the -j argument.
+- Fix regression of non-functional set command in command blocks.
+- Fix handling of environment variables that would cause a syntax errors in
+ makefiles.
+- Fix handling of environment variables with lowercase names.
Changes since jom 1.0.11
- Performance improvements.
@@ -104,7 +113,7 @@ Changes since jom 0.9.2
- Support file name macros in the file name part of inline file defitions.
- Multiple file name macros per command line are possible now.
-- Single name macro invokation was added.
+- Single name macro invocation was added.
They can be invoked like this: $A instead of $(A).
- Several bugs related to file name macros have been fixed.
- Handle quoted arguments from command files correctly.
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