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+This is the changelog for jom 1.0.6, the parallel make tool.
+Changes since jom 1.0.5
+- Fix mean monster spawn issue.
+Changes since jom 1.0.4
+- Fix out of date check for pseudotargets. (QTCREATORBUG-3909)
+Changes since jom 1.0.3
+- Fix that -j1 wasn't passed to sub jom calls. (QTCREATORBUG-3729)
+- /KEEPTEMPFILES was added for debugging purposes. (QTCREATORBUG-3852)
+- Performance boost for incremental builds.
+- Improved Ctrl-C handling for recursive make.
+Changes since jom 1.0.2
+- Support variable names with underscores. (QTCREATORBUG-3235)
+- Keep order of dependencies on build. This is important for makefiles
+ lacking complete dependencies. These might fail in parallel builds
+ otherwise.
+- Fix issues wrt environment variables. (QTCREATORBUG-3108)
+Changes since jom 1.0.1
+- Make target names case insensitive. (QTCREATORBUG-3037)
+- Fix reading of include files without newline at the end.
+ (QTBUG-15021)
+- Repair the cmake project file for jom.
+Changes since jom 1.0.0
+- Cleaner and faster determination of targets that must be built.
+- Fix incomplete up-to-date check for inference rule targets.
+- Don't filter comments in inline files. (QTCREATORBUG-2874)
+Changes since jom 0.9.4
+- Inference rule batch mode implemented.
+ This improves performance for makefiles that make heavy use of the batch
+ mode, e.g. qmake generated makefiles.
+- Improved command execution. No more batch file writing.
+- Macro substitution implemented. Macro expansions like
+ $(TARGET:suffix=d) are now possible.
+- .SUFFIXES content is handled properly.
+- Fixed several bugs in file name macro expansion.
+- Output of concurrent processes is explicitely separated.
+Changes since jom 0.9.3
+- Opening files from volume mounted to NTFS directory fixed.
+- Output buffering issue fixed. (QTBUG-10798)
+Changes since jom 0.9.2
+- Support for multiple inline files per command line added.
+- Its now possible to use "." as target name. (QTCREATORBUG-1131)
+- Support file name macros in the file name part of inline file defitions.
+- Multiple file name macros per command line are possible now.
+- Single name macro invokation was added.
+ They can be invoked like this: $A instead of $(A).
+- Several bugs related to file name macros have been fixed.
+- Handle quoted arguments from command files correctly.
+Changes since jom 0.9.1
+- Fixed conditionals in preprocessor expressions. (QTCREATORBUG-1091)
+- Improved parser error messages. Now we see the file, in which the
+ error occurred. (QTCREATORBUG-1114)
+Changes since jom 0.9.0
+- Having too many rules for a target is now a warning and not an error.
+- Fixed several bugs in the preprocessor expression parser, e.g.
+Changes since jom 0.8.9
+- Reset the ERRORLEVEL to zero, if command's exit code should be ignored.
+- Command files can be used to pass command line options to jom.
+ Usage: jom @commands.txt
+- ANTLR isn't used anymore. We're using QLALR to generate the parser for
+ preprocessor expressions now. This makes building jom much easier.
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+@xgConsole /profile=%~dp0\profile.xml /command="jom -j 10 %*"
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+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
+<Profile FormatVersion="1">
+ <Tools>
+ <Tool Filename="jom" AllowIntercept="true" />
+ <Tool Filename="cl" AllowRemote="true" VCCompiler="true" DeriveCaptionFrom="lastparam"/>
+ <Tool Filename="moc" AllowRemote="true" DeriveCaptionFrom="lastparam"/>
+ <Tool Filename="uic" AllowRemote="true" DeriveCaptionFrom="lastparam"/>
+ <Tool Filename="rcc" AllowRemote="true" DeriveCaptionFrom="lastparam"/>
+ <Tool Filename="link" AllowRemote="false" DeriveCaptionFrom="lastparam"/>
+ </Tools>
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