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-This is the changelog for jom 1.0.6, the parallel make tool.
+This is the changelog for jom 1.0.11, the parallel make tool.
+Changes since jom 1.0.10
+- Fix exit code for /k command line switch. (QTCREATORBUG-6987)
+- Fix spurious 0x0d characters in process output. (QTCREATORBUG-6986)
+- Fix process output ordering and printing of large amounts of output
+ in recursive jom scenarios.
+- Improved performance by caching file time stamps.
+Changes since jom 1.0.9
+- Fix regression that caused jom to fail on Windows XP.
+Changes since jom 1.0.8
+- The GNU Make option -w is now supported to print the current working
+ directory before and after other processing.
+- Fix crash when specifying a target for an empty makefile.
+- Fix lookup for targets in the Makefile's directory. (QTCREATORBUG-6546)
+- Fix handling of environment variables. (QTCREATORBUG-6578)
+- Specifying an exit code with the '-' command modifier was fixed.
+- Fix command modifiers in inference rules. (QTCREATORBUG-6742)
+- Fix parsing of the "ignore exit code" command modifier.
+- Fix (very rare) deadlock and zombie processes.
+- The preprocessor directive !include <file> now looks up files in the
+ include directories correctly. (QTCREATORBUG-6869)
+Changes since jom 1.0.7
+- Fix spawning of child processes that expect a valid stdin handle.
+ E.g. xcopy couldn't be called anymore.
+- CMakeList.txt was fixed (thanks to Ryan Pavlik).
+Changes since jom 1.0.6
+- Fix blank lines in output. (QTCREATORBUG-3974)
+- Small performance improvement due to compilation with
+- Ctrl-C handling has been revisited. Much simpler and more correct.
+ Before the compiler jobs didn't get a Ctrl-C but were terminated.
+- Special .SYNC dependents implemented. See README for a small description.
+- Handle quoted dollar signs in inline files correctly. (QTCREATORBUG-2875)
+- Respect the MAKEFLAGS environment variable. (QTCREATORBUG-5028)
+- Complete detection of cmd builtins. This fixes annoying warnings when building
+ with IncrediBuild.
Changes since jom 1.0.5
- Fix mean monster spawn issue.