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-This is the changelog for jom 1.0.16, the parallel make tool.
+This is the changelog for jom 1.1.1, the parallel make tool.
+Changes since jom 1.1.0
+- Added the special .NOTPARALLEL target that disables parallel build for the
+ containing makefile.
+- Fixed glitches in !include directives. Includes like <""> were not
+ possible. Includes like "" did not recursively search through parent
+ makefiles directories.
+- Introduced the JOMFLAGS environment variable. This is a MAKEFLAGS pendant.
+ JOMFLAGS is useful to set up separate flags for nmake and jom.
+- Renamed ibjom.cmd to ibjom.bat for consistency.
+- Added xgejom.bat, a wrapper for the IncrediBuild XGE interface.
+- Fixed wildcard handling for subdirectories (QTCREATORBUG-16499).
+- Implemented the "build all targets" option (QTCREATORBUG-16500).
+Changes since jom 1.0.16
+- Restrict the number of parallel jobs in recursively called instances
+ similar to GNU make's jobserver (QTCREATORBUG-10846).
Changes since jom 1.0.15
- Fix occasional hang on exit (QTCREATORBUG-14600).