Qt Creator 12

Qt Creator version 12 contains bug fixes and new features.

The most important changes are listed in this document. For a complete list of changes, see the Git log for the Qt Creator sources that you can check out from the public Git repository. For example:

git clone git://code.qt.io/qt-creator/qt-creator.git
git log --cherry-pick --pretty=oneline origin/11.0..v12.0.0

What's new?

Compiler Explorer

Use Compiler Explorer (https://godbolt.org) in Qt Creator and enter example code to explore the capabilities of your compilers and interpreters.

To enable the CompilerExplorer plugin, select Help > About Plugins > Utilities > CompilerExplorer. Then select Restart Now to restart Qt Creator and load the plugin.

Select File > New File and select one of the new Compiler Explorer templates to get started.

Alternatively, you can open a new Compiler Explorer editor via Tools > Compiler Explorer > Open Compiler Explorer.

Every language, compiler, and library that is supported at https://godbolt.org is also supported in Qt Creator. You can save your Compiler Explorer session as a .qtce file (JSON-based).


CMake Debugging and the Debug Adapter Protocol

Set breakpoints in a CMake file and select Debug > Start Debugging > Start CMake Debugging to start debugging.


Screen Recording

Use Tools > Record Screen to record a part of your screen. Requires an installation of FFmpeg.

To enable the ScreenRecorder plugin, select Help > About Plugins > Utilities > ScreenRecorder. Then select Restart Now to restart Qt Creator and load the plugin.



  • Improved the startup performance significantly on various setups
  • Added the Sort results check box for configuring the md locator filter in Edit > Preferences > Environment > Locator to keep the sorting from the tool used for the file system index locator filter (QTCREATORBUG-27789) (Documentation)
  • Added the View > Show Menu Bar option to hide the menu bar on platforms without a unified menu bar (QTCREATORBUG-29498) (Documentation)
  • Changed the Enable high DPI scaling setting to a DPI rounding policy setting, which fits Qt's settings better (Documentation)
  • Fixed an issue with growing session files
  • Fixed that the shortcuts for the navigation views could be stuck to opening a view in the right side bar (QTCREATORBUG-29770)
  • Fixed that the shortcut for Locator switched to the main window (QTCREATORBUG-29741)



  • Added the count of selected characters to line and column information on the Edit mode toolbar (QTCREATORBUG-29381) (Documentation)
  • Added an indenter, auto-brace and auto-quote for JSON (Documentation)
  • Improved the performance of searching in big documents
  • Fixed that the historical order of open documents was not restored
  • Fixed that suggestions were rendered with the wrong tab size (QTCREATORBUG-29483)


  • Updated to LLVM 17.0.1
  • Added Tools > C++ > Fold All Comment Blocks and Unfold All Comment Blocks (QTCREATORBUG-2449) (Documentation)
  • Added the Convert Comment to C Style and Convert Comment to C++ Style refactoring actions for converting comments between C++-style and C-style (QTCREATORBUG-27501) (Documentation)
  • Added the Move Function Documentation to Declaration and Move Function Documentation to Definition refactoring actions for moving documentation between function declaration and definition (QTCREATORBUG-13877)
  • Extended the application of renaming operations to documentation comments (QTCREATORBUG-12051, QTCREATORBUG-15425)
  • Fixed that code inserted by refactoring actions was not formatted according to the Clang Format settings (QTCREATORBUG-10807, QTCREATORBUG-19158)
  • Fixed that automatically created functions could be added between another function and its documentation (QTCREATORBUG-6934)
  • Fixed that scope names were considered when searching for C++ Symbols with advanced find (QTCREATORBUG-29133)
  • Clangd
    • Added the Completion ranking model option for choosing the order of completion results (QTCREATORBUG-29013)
    • Fixed that the refactoring actions from Clangd were not available in the context menu
    • Fixed that renaming symbols could rename them in generated files (QTCREATORBUG-29778)
  • Clang Format



Language Server Protocol

  • Added support for Language servers that request creating, renaming, or deleting of files (QTCREATORBUG-29542)

Widget Designer

  • Fixed that renaming layouts in the property editor switched to edit mode (QTCREATORBUG-29644)



  • Added the \todo keyword to the default


  • Added buttons and configurable shortcuts for text styles (Documentation)






  • Added auto-detection of PySide from the installer (PYSIDE-2153) (Documentation)
  • Added the option to forward the display for remote Linux (Documentation)
  • Fixed PySide wheels installation on macOS


  • Fixed the project tree structure in case of some subfolder structures (QTCREATORBUG-29733)



  • Added the generation of code for CMakeLists.txt
  • Added parsing the dependencies from vcpkg.json manifest files
  • Improved the addition of dependencies to vcpkg.json


Qt Safe Renderer

  • Added a wizard for Qt Safe Renderer 2.1 and later (Documentation)



  • Added support for remote Linux debugging with LLDB
  • Fixed warnings about index cache permissions (QTCREATORBUG-29556)
  • Pretty Printers
    • Fixed QDateTime with a time zone offset (QTCREATORBUG-29737)
    • Fixed std::unique_ptr on macOS
    • Fixed QImage



  • Fixed that error messages were not shown (QTCREATORBUG-29298)
  • Fixed that -mno-direct-extern-access could be passed to clang-tidy which does not support it

CTF Visualizer

  • Fixed that process and thread IDs could not be strings
  • Fixed the computation of nesting levels
  • Fixed a crash when zooming with a touch pad


  • Added mouse support
  • Added support for Windows Terminal schemes
  • Fixed Ctrl+C/V on Windows


Version Control Systems


  • Added the Ignore whitespace changes and Ignore line moves options to Preferences > Version Control > Git > Instant Blame (QTCREATORBUG-29378) (Documentation)


  • Disabled by default

Test Integration

  • Added an option for the number of threads used for scanning (QTCREATORBUG-29301)
  • Improved the wizards for GTest and Catch2
  • CTest
    • Enabled colored test output




  • Fixed issues when LIBRARY_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY is set in the CMake build files (QTCREATORBUG-26479)


  • Known Issue: iOS 17 devices are not supported


  • Fixed the check for commands that are built-ins of the shell

Credits for these changes go to:

Aleksei German
Alessandro Portale
Alexandre Laurent
Ali Kianian
Amr Essam
Andre Hartmann
André Pönitz
Andreas Loth
Artem Sokolovskii
Brook Cronin
Burak Hancerli
Christian Kandeler
Christian Stenger
Cristian Adam
David Schulz
Dominic Ernst
Eike Ziller
Esa Törmänen
Friedemann Kleint
Henning Gruendl
Jaroslaw Kobus
Johanna Vanhatapio
Johnny Jazeix
Jonas Karlsson
Jussi Witick
Karim Abdelrahman
Knud Dollereder
Leena Miettinen
Ludovic Le Brun
Mahmoud Badri
Marco Bubke
Marcus Tillmanns
Mats Honkamaa
Mehdi Salem
Miikka Heikkinen
Mike Chen
Olivier De Cannière
Olivier Delaune
Orgad Shaneh
Pranta Dastider
Robert Löhning
Sami Shalayel
Samuel Ghinet
Samuli Piippo
Semih Yavuz
Tasuku Suzuki
Thiago Macieira
Thomas Hartmann
Tim Jenssen
Tim Jenßen
Tor Arne Vestbø
Vikas Pachdha
Xavier Besson
Yasser Grimes