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* Set a suitable locale automatically to avoid issues with the ini fileHEADmasterLaszlo Agocs2015-12-062-6/+17
* No need to swap x and y.Laszlo Agocs2015-11-212-9/+6
* Report orientation in a Python-compatible mannerLaszlo Agocs2015-11-212-1/+14
* Add a note to the README regarding numbers in RTIMULib.iniLaszlo Agocs2015-11-211-0/+5
* Create the config directory when it does not existLaszlo Agocs2015-11-211-2/+4
* Add orientation to the README's example codeLaszlo Agocs2015-11-211-0/+3
* Share the calibration file with the Python libsLaszlo Agocs2015-11-111-3/+7
* Add orientation (fusion pose)Laszlo Agocs2015-11-113-1/+23
* Make the leds example more interesting with scrolling "text"Laszlo Agocs2015-11-111-6/+16
* Add missing config testLaszlo Agocs2015-11-113-1/+52
* Initial version of the Qt Sense HAT moduleLaszlo Agocs2015-11-0920-0/+1892
* Initial empty repositoryOswald Buddenhagen2015-11-090-0/+0