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Document third party asset 'miramar'
The files got added in commit f49cabe35cbd. However, the original sources from the linked url are in .tga format, so I assume they got converted before importing. We should probably add a 'Modifications' entry to highlight such conversions in the future. categorises the license as CC-BY 3.0, but the upload was done not by the author. Change-Id: I312a871716104507434eb6d12a547c3752da51af Reviewed-by: Paul Lemire <>
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+ "Id": "miramar-sky",
+ "Name": "Miramar Skybox Textures",
+ "QDocModule": "qt3d",
+ "QtUsage": "Used in the anaglyph-rendering example and autotests of Qt 3D.",
+ "QtParts": [ "examples", "tests" ] ,
+ "Description": "High res environment map (converted to webgl).",
+ "Homepage": "",
+ "DownloadLocation": "",
+ "License": "Modify however you like, just cred me for my work, maybe link to my page.",
+ "LicenseFile": "README.txt",
+ "Copyright": "Copyright (c) Jockum Skoglund aka hipshot"