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* Add an example demonstrating inline and in separate file shadersPaul Lemire2015-05-127-1/+331
* anaglyph-3d examplePaul Lemire2015-05-129-61/+510
* Controls exampleMika Salmela2015-05-087-1/+4430
* Examples: fixed to work with QAbstractTransform as QObjectPaul Lemire2015-04-275-82/+84
* Add precision for sampler2DShadow in ES3 shaderLaszlo Agocs2015-04-221-1/+1
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* Licence header Quick3D -> Qt3D name change.Julian de Bhal2012-04-122-2/+2
* Refactor packaging and deployment.Sarah Smith2012-03-231-0/+2
* New qt3d example to demonstrate model loading and rendering.Sergey Dubitskiy2012-03-2112-1/+2492
* Fix unit tests + builds on windows.Sarah Smith2012-02-291-1/+0
* Resource handling needs refactoring.Sergey Dubitskiy2012-02-1416-4/+70
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* Task: Resource handling needs refactoring.Sergey Dubitskiy2012-02-124-4/+4
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* Make Qt3D buildable without widgets or opengl.Sarah Smith2011-12-2152-284/+41
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* More fixes to QtQuick3D namespace compilation.Toby Tomkins2011-11-2811-2/+26
* Compile with C++0xAlan Alpert2011-10-211-1/+1
* QtQuick3d: Compile on Windows.Friedemann Kleint2011-10-209-9/+9
* Remove legacy build system logic.Rohan McGovern2011-10-1810-10/+10
* Fix skating viewport, and quit.Sarah Smith2011-10-141-0/+1
* Fixes for surface vs QOpenGLContext & QWindow.Sarah Smith2011-10-0326-70/+247
* Port to refactorGunnar Sletta2011-09-214-7/+7