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* Fix build for Qt6Mike Krus2020-05-061-4/+1
| | | | | | | | | | | | | - updated dependencies, excluding qtgamepad for now - fixed issues with Q_PROPERTY not supporting forward declarations - fixed for changes in QtQuick private API - fixed for changes in QtOpenGLVersionFunctions API - fixed for removal of QT_OPENGL_ES* macros - fixed for changes in QtConcurrent API - fixed RHI based build Change-Id: I42ccd2f101b7f0a78e2860c6d551722bf6710a11 Reviewed-by: Paul Lemire <>
* Add render capture exampleAntti Määttä2016-10-201-0/+100
Add example for the render capture. The example is based on simple-cpp. The user can press the capture button and see the captured thumbnail on the side. Change-Id: I94b18722cb0b563469579b4fad87764f37ad075e Reviewed-by: Paul Lemire <>