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Tells readers about qt5_tool
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To clone and compile the submodules, do execute the following:
- ./configure
+ ./qtrepotools/bin/qt5_tool -p
+ ./configure
-If you are a Nokia developer, you should add the -nokia-developer argument.
+If you are a Nokia developer, you should add the -nokia-developer argument:
./init-repository -nokia-developer
- ./configure -nokia-developer
+ ./qtrepotools/bin/qt5_tool -p
+ ./configure -nokia-developer
+Checkout qt5_tool --help for more interesting features, like -s <module> to
+switch to the staging repo of a module.
In order to install the grafts, run
git submodule foreach '../qtrepotools/bin/git-qt-grafts <path_to_history>'
+Note: Currently the repo is in a state, where it does not always build,
+especially tests, examples, and demos. Unfortunately make -k also does not
+help. A workaround is to configure with
+ -nomake tests -nomake examples -nomake demos.