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CMake: Enable CMake builds for qtqa
Only includes one MinGW configuration, to mirror what Coin does with the qmake builds of qtqa. Switching the Coin instructions to do license checking and binary compatibility testing using CMake will require a different change. Most likely this change will have to wait until all of qt5.git/dev is moved to use yaml instructions for building, rather than the hardcoded instructions provided by Coin. Besides, the binary compatibility test still depends on finding qmake to run its test, which might have to be changed in the future. Task-number: QTBUG-84233 Change-Id: I5ab7120e965f7729968697abf9e0db602c216cd9 Reviewed-by: Cristian Adam <>
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+Version: 2
+ Template: 'qtci-windows-7-x86-3'
+ Compiler: 'Mingw'
+ Environment variables: ['Path={{.Env.MINGW810_i686}}\bin;{{.Env.Path}}']