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Provisioning: Disable NTP synchronization for Windows
During CI, it has been observed that some processes didn't leave their wait state. (So they were "hanging") During analysis of the event log on that CI node, we found out that at the same time those processes entered this state, the NTP client set a new time and indeed the local time of the CI node changed (it was changed 2 hours forward in our case). For the record, the processes we observed this with was jom.exe and cc1plus.exe (the latter is the g++ compiler in the mingw toolchain)). We therefore have a strong suspicion that the NTP time change was causing the CI hang, so we simply disable it. The virtual machine should anyway get the correct time from its VM host when its started. Change-Id: I1204063399e2a4741b7b26b79858759c1bc5eab2 Reviewed-by: Jędrzej Nowacki <>
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