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authorSimo Fält <simo.falt@qt.io>2020-07-30 09:10:58 +0300
committerQt Cherry-pick Bot <cherrypick_bot@qt-project.org>2020-07-30 20:40:42 +0000
commit49825be2dc88a7c5fb4a1ab66d0789429bf72685 (patch)
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Provisioning: Fix PYTHON3_WHEEL_CACHE pointing to wrong dir
Earlier we set the env variable point to latest Python install. It did work by accident, while the default python was installed as last. Now each python install has its own matching ENV variable that can be used buildtime. The PYTHON3_WHEEL_CACHE will now point to 64 bit default Python3, while the variable is already used in Qt codebase. Change-Id: I6a67936c06ed0209ef9e903120f2416aaa8eb3ff Reviewed-by: Assam Boudjelthia <assam.boudjelthia@qt.io> (cherry picked from commit 969acbce6e9b1ac1c270363aafc8b20a1f4ee8ff) Reviewed-by: Qt Cherry-pick Bot <cherrypick_bot@qt-project.org>
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1 files changed, 7 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/coin/provisioning/common/windows/python3.ps1 b/coin/provisioning/common/windows/python3.ps1
index 9eba058c..58cd25c5 100644
--- a/coin/provisioning/common/windows/python3.ps1
+++ b/coin/provisioning/common/windows/python3.ps1
@@ -96,7 +96,13 @@ Run-Executable "$install_path\Scripts\pip3.exe" "$pip_args install virtualenv wh
# Install all needed packages in a special wheel cache directory
Run-Executable "$install_path\Scripts\pip3.exe" "$pip_args wheel --wheel-dir $python3_wheel_dir -r $PSScriptRoot\..\shared\requirements.txt"
-Set-EnvironmentVariable "PYTHON3_WHEEL_CACHE" "$python3_wheel_dir"
+Set-EnvironmentVariable "PYTHON3_WHEEL_CACHE-$version-$archVer" "$python3_wheel_dir"
+# PYTHON3_WHEEL_CACHE is already in use so we should keep it pointing to 64 bit default
+# wheel cache
+if (($setDefault) -And ($archVer -eq 64)) {
+ Set-EnvironmentVariable "PYTHON3_WHEEL_CACHE" "$python3_wheel_dir"
# Install PyPDF2 for QSR documentation
Run-Executable "$install_path\Scripts\pip3.exe" "$pip_args install PyPDF2"