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diff --git a/coin/provisioning/qtci-linux-RHEL-7.4-x86_64/004-install-packages.sh b/coin/provisioning/qtci-linux-RHEL-7.4-x86_64/004-install-packages.sh
index 8cdeee90..7bda43e2 100755
--- a/coin/provisioning/qtci-linux-RHEL-7.4-x86_64/004-install-packages.sh
+++ b/coin/provisioning/qtci-linux-RHEL-7.4-x86_64/004-install-packages.sh
@@ -35,67 +35,52 @@
set -e
-sudo yum -y update
-sudo yum -y install git
-sudo yum -y install zlib-devel
-sudo yum -y install glib2-devel
-sudo yum -y install openssl-devel
-sudo yum -y install freetype-devel
-sudo yum -y install fontconfig-devel
# EGL support
-sudo yum -y install mesa-libEGL-devel
-sudo yum -y install mesa-libGL-devel
-sudo yum -y install libxkbfile-devel
# Xinput2
-sudo yum -y install libXi-devel
-sudo yum -y install python-devel
-sudo yum -y install mysql-server mysql
-sudo yum -y install mysql-devel
-sudo yum -y install postgresql-devel
-sudo yum -y install cups-devel
-sudo yum -y install dbus-devel
-# We have to downgrade to an older version of graphite2
-# to avoid a dependency version mismatch with gtk3-devel package.
-sudo yum -y downgrade graphite2-1.3.6-1.el7_2
# gstreamer 1 for QtMultimedia
-sudo yum -y install gstreamer1-devel gstreamer1-plugins-base-devel
# gtk3 style for QtGui/QStyle
-sudo yum -y install gtk3-devel
# libusb1 for tqtc-boot2qt/qdb
-sudo yum -y install libusb-devel
# speech-dispatcher-devel for QtSpeech, otherwise it has no backend on Linux
-sudo yum -y install speech-dispatcher-devel
# Python
-sudo yum -y install python-devel python-virtualenv
+installPackages+=(python-devel python-virtualenv)
# WebEngine
-sudo yum -y install bison
-sudo yum -y install flex
-sudo yum -y install gperf
-sudo yum -y install alsa-lib-devel
-sudo yum -y install pulseaudio-libs-devel
-sudo yum -y install libXtst-devel
# For Android builds
-sudo yum -y install java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel
# For receiving shasum
-sudo yum -y install perl-Digest-SHA
# INTEGRITY requirements
-sudo yum -y install glibc.i686
# Enable Qt Bluetooth
-sudo yum -y install bluez-libs-devel
+sudo yum -y update
+sudo yum -y install "${installPackages[@]}"