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+This is release 2.5 of flex. See "version.h" for the exact patch-level.
+See the file "NEWS" to find out what is new in this Flex release.
+Read the file "INSTALL" for general installation directives. Peek near
+the beginning of the file "" for special DEFS values. On most
+systems, you can just run the "configure" script and type "make" to build
+flex; then "make check" to test whether it built correctly; and if it did,
+then "make install" to install it.
+If you're feeling adventurous, you can also issue "make bigcheck" (be
+prepared to wait a while).
+Note that flex is distributed under a copyright very similar to that of
+BSD Unix, and not under the GNU General Public License (GPL), except for
+the "configure" script, which is covered by the GPL.
+Many thanks to the 2.5 beta-testers for finding bugs and helping test and
+increase portability: Stan Adermann, Scott David Daniels, Charles Elliott,
+Joe Gayda, Chris Meier, James Nordby, Terrence O'Kane, Karsten Pahnke,
+Francois Pinard, Pat Rankin, Andreas Scherer, Marc Wiese, Nathan Zelle.
+Please send bug reports and feedback to: Vern Paxson (
+The flex distribution consists of the following files:
+ README This message
+ NEWS Differences between the various releases
+ INSTALL General installation information
+ COPYING flex's copyright
+,, configure,,,
+ mkinstalldirs
+ elements of the "autoconf" auto-configuration process
+ flexdef.h, parse.y, scan.l, ccl.c, dfa.c, ecs.c, gen.c, main.c,
+ misc.c, nfa.c, sym.c, tblcmp.c, yylex.c
+ source files
+ version.h version of this flex release
+ flex.skl flex scanner skeleton
+ script for converting flex.skl to C source file skel.c
+ skel.c pre-converted C version of flex.skl
+ libmain.c flex library (-lfl) sources
+ libyywrap.c
+ initscan.c pre-flex'd version of scan.l
+ FlexLexer.h header file for C++ lexer class
+ flex.1 user documentation
+ MISC/ a directory containing miscellaneous contributions.
+ See MISC/README for details.