path: root/coin/platform_configs/qtquickcontrols2.yaml
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* Remove qtquickcontrols2.yaml from platform_configsMitch Curtis2021-08-121-6/+0
* Add Integrity target for other modulesKimmo Ollila2021-07-281-1/+2
* coin: Make macOS ARM packaging config test significant for all modulesTor Arne Vestbø2021-05-251-2/+1
* coin: Make macOS on ARM packaging tests significant for a few modulesTor Arne Vestbø2021-05-181-1/+4
* CMake: Deduplicate the cmake platformsToni Saario2020-06-161-42/+2
* CMake: Align the CMake Packaging configurations with the qmake onesAlexandru Croitor2020-06-161-3/+3
* CMake: Fix a lot of failing tests on MinGW 32bit due to debug symbolsAlexandru Croitor2020-06-121-1/+1
* CMake: Replace all Windows configurations with Ninja Multi-ConfigAlexandru Croitor2020-06-121-1/+1
* CMake: Enable iOS simulator_and_device buildsAlexandru Croitor2020-06-121-1/+1
* CMake: Add MinGW config to all cmake enabled repositoriesAlexandru Croitor2020-05-251-0/+5
* CMake: Switch host macOS configurations to framework release buildsAlexandru Croitor2020-05-041-1/+1
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.15' into devLiang Qi2020-04-301-1/+1
* CMake: Pass location to custom OpenSSL 1.1 directory in CoinAlexandru Croitor2020-04-071-8/+8
* CMake: Enable CMake builds for qtquickcontrols2Alexandru Croitor2020-03-201-0/+38