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* RHEL7.4: install packages in one yum instanceJoni Jäntti2017-12-091-52/+37
* Fix mesa_llvmpipe provisioning script for x64 WindowsJoni Jäntti2017-12-091-1/+1
* Provisioning: Install signing tools to WindowsHeikki Halmet2017-12-091-0/+44
* Update ICC compiler from 2018 to 2018 update 1Tony Sarajärvi2017-12-081-4/+4
* Install command line tools for osx 10.11 and macOS 10.12Heikki Halmet2017-12-083-0/+174
* Provisioning: Install bluez-libs-develHeikki Halmet2017-11-301-0/+3
* Add missing shbang to cmake provisioning scriptEdward Welbourne2017-11-291-0/+1
* Remove unneeded provisioning scriptsTony Sarajärvi2017-11-133-55/+0
* Conan: fix names of ICU dll's which are added to qtwebkit binary packageKonstantin Tokarev2017-11-112-6/+6
* Provisioning: Install expectHeikki Halmet2017-11-111-0/+2
* Provisioning: FBX SDKTony Sarajärvi2017-11-116-0/+219
* Provisioning: Disable NTP synchronization for WindowsJan Arve Sæther2017-11-108-0/+9
* Provisioning: Install signing tools to MacOSHeikki Halmet2017-11-091-0/+138
* Provisioning: Update Java to version 8Heikki Halmet2017-11-097-65/+3
* Fix Ubuntu 16.04 random provisioning failJoni Jäntti2017-11-081-19/+18
* Provisioning: Remove logical OR when echo errorsHeikki Halmet2017-11-076-34/+34
* Fix spelling of ANDROID_SDK_HOMETony Sarajärvi2017-11-071-1/+1
* Yocto toolchain provisioning to CIJoni Jäntti2017-11-062-2/+97
* Provisioning: Fix p7zip installationHeikki Halmet2017-11-031-4/+17
* Fix Windows 8 libclang script locationsJoni Jäntti2017-11-032-0/+0
* Provisioning: Refresh Subscription-managerHeikki Halmet2017-11-031-0/+38
* Provisioning: fix .ci.local addresses to .intra.qt.ioTony Sarajärvi2017-11-0318-20/+20
* Cleanup of opengl32.dll replacementTony Sarajärvi2017-10-281-52/+0
* Cleanup of provisioning scripts as tier1 images are vanillaTony Sarajärvi2017-10-288-131/+0
* Fix QNX platform configurations for Qt 5.9Jani Heikkinen2017-10-271-0/+1
* Provision vanilla Windows 7 x86 and use itTony Sarajärvi2017-10-2430-33/+231
* Add mozilla-nss-devel to opensuseAllan Sandfeld Jensen2017-10-221-0/+2
* Provision ICC to openSUSE 42.3Tony Sarajärvi2017-10-191-0/+85
* Make CI use a new RHEL 7.4 provisioningJoni Jäntti2017-10-1923-173/+691
* Fix typo in echoing version to versions.txtTony Sarajärvi2017-10-171-4/+4
* Make 7zip provisioning script add 7zip to pathJoni Jäntti2017-10-171-5/+9
* Make Extract-7zip helper function work with the new provision locationJoni Jäntti2017-10-171-1/+4
* Make Ninja provisioning use Add-Path functionJoni Jäntti2017-10-171-2/+1
* Provisioning: Fix usage of DownloadURL to throw errorsTony Sarajärvi2017-09-302-2/+10
* Remove duplicate MinGW 5.3 provisioningTony Sarajärvi2017-09-301-48/+0
* Provisioning: cleanup path from cmake_linux.shTony Sarajärvi2017-09-301-2/+2
* Add official URL to MinGW Windows 10 provisioningJoni Jäntti2017-09-273-10/+52
* Provisioning: Install Python3 development libs to OpenSUSESimo Fält2017-09-261-1/+1
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6' into 5.9Liang Qi2017-09-2264-101/+478
| * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6.3' into 5.6Liang Qi2017-09-1811-2/+99
| |\
| | * Ensure 'clean' android Installationv5.6.3Heikki Halmet2017-09-151-1/+7
| | * Provision and build QNX660 on Win 10 x64Tony Sarajärvi2017-09-142-0/+47
| | * provisioning: install MinGW 530 and 630 for Win10 x64Tony Sarajärvi2017-09-143-0/+44
| | * Provisioning: Invoke installer with Start-ProcessTony Sarajärvi2017-09-141-1/+1
| | * Provision: Move Python3 scripts from win8 to win8.1 folderTony Sarajärvi2017-09-144-0/+0
| * | Provisioning: Fix shasum pathSimo Fält2017-09-081-1/+1
| * | Provisioning: Fix DownloadURL utility's shasum checkSimo Fält2017-09-051-1/+2
| * | Provisioning: Hide powershell progress bar for performanceTony Sarajärvi2017-09-041-0/+1
| * | Fix Add-Path helper function and start using it in scriptsJoni Jäntti2017-09-044-5/+7
| |/
| * Provision vanilla Windows 8.1 x86 and use itTony Sarajärvi2017-09-0139-91/+240