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Fix irrelevant error case in QSplitter test
The tst_QSplitter::replaceWidget() is testing that if you replace a longer QLabel with a shorter one in a horizontal splitter layout, then we *only* get a resize for the new, shorter label (expanding it horizontally to match the replaced widget, as documented). But the test accidentally triggered the QTextDocument backend for the QLabel by including HTML tags in its text. Due to QTBUG-82954, it is possible that the QTextDocument height includes the leading of the font in the last line, so if the default font has a leading, the new label will be higher than the QSplitter, and the splitter will expand its height, causing resizes for the other labels as well. Since this is not the case we are testing here, and it is currently blocking the fix for QTBUG-80554, we simply make the new label use the same plain text backend as the others. Task-number: QTBUG-82954 Change-Id: I6bfa1f3648b0fc9758c57ab2fa95be2451995df3 Reviewed-by: Simon Hausmann <>
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