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qmake: Update Xcode generator to produce project files similar to Xcode
There was quite a bit of cruft left over from older Xcode version. We now produce Xcode 3.2 compatible files, similar to what Xcode would do when asked to upgrade one of our generated files. In particular: - Removed refType - Set more lastKnownFileTypes - Renamed defaultConfigurationIsName to defaultConfigurationName - Add runOnlyForDeploymentPostprocessing = 0 to build phases - Don't put buildSettings directly into PBXNativeTarget - Don't write productSettingsXML - Don't write startupPath - Don't write name when path is the exact same - Write empty buildSetting lists as empty string - Don't write empty PBXBuildFile settings - Don't write generated/neede filenames for PBXShellScriptBuildPhase - Use PBXFileReference instad of PBXFrameworkReference - Prune deprecated buildSetting variables - Remove deprecated PBXBuildStyle sections - Resolve correct CC/CPLUSPLUS/LDPLUSPLUS - Write IPHONEOS_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET Change-Id: Ia2365c2623fe898878bd10636c3b85145c1cff04 Reviewed-by: Andy Shaw <> Reviewed-by: Morten Johan Sørvig <>
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