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Fix x-height name in stylesheet docs
The *height* of an x being called "ex width" makes no sense. Also, it seems like this measurement is typically called "x-height" rather than "ex height", see e.g. Change-Id: Id8e2c1aa9be1a4a60e667a076486777d34f1e76d Reviewed-by: Paul Wicking <> (cherry picked from commit befa3729db0d1010694bd1bb4cbadd36ff5c49fb) Reviewed-by: Qt Cherry-pick Bot <>
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diff --git a/src/widgets/doc/src/widgets-and-layouts/stylesheet.qdoc b/src/widgets/doc/src/widgets-and-layouts/stylesheet.qdoc
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--- a/src/widgets/doc/src/widgets-and-layouts/stylesheet.qdoc
+++ b/src/widgets/doc/src/widgets-and-layouts/stylesheet.qdoc
@@ -2979,7 +2979,7 @@
\li \c px: pixels
\li \c pt: the size of one point (i.e., 1/72 of an inch)
\li \c em: the em width of the font (i.e., the width of 'M')
- \li \c ex: the ex width of the font (i.e., the height of 'x')
+ \li \c ex: the x-height of the font (i.e., the height of 'x')
However, Qt is limited to font sizes in \c pt and \c px and any other