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Android: disable Gradle caching by default
If enabled by default, the cache size will grow quickly, especially if multiple different projects are managed every day. Keep the option commented, which can be enabled manually by the user. Change-Id: I6d4a67f4f1bb3e37b02de7ff4c534ec4d006f9a3 Reviewed-by: Ville Voutilainen <> Reviewed-by: Rami Potinkara <> (cherry picked from commit 90912b657edf27d40aa1a8ac8fbc3bae8d285e25) Reviewed-by: Qt Cherry-pick Bot <>
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# The setting is particularly useful for tweaking memory settings.
-# Enable Gradle caching
+# Gradle caching allows reusing the build artifacts from a previous
+# build with the same inputs. However, over time, the cache size will
+# grow. Uncomment the following line to enable it.