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Doc: Change section titles that cause bad links
Section titles are valid targets for QDoc's autolinker. When they are identical to other valid link targets, such as for example a class, these sections may cause invalid links. Fixes: QTBUG-91141 Change-Id: Ie9a6258d2bf83932335976d8c0b5fc59f2028ae5 Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <> (cherry picked from commit 5fa8f5df7bb722c5b7451229f5eecd13bd13326f) Reviewed-by: Paul Wicking <>
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\section1 The QtDBus module has undergone some basic consolidation and
cleanup. There should be minimal porting effort to be able to switch to Qt6.
- \section2 QDBusMessage
+ \section2 The QDBusMessage class
The QDBusMessage::call() and QDBusMessage::asyncCall() methods with a fixed
size of arguments have been removed in Qt6.
- \section2 QDBusArgument
+ \section2 The QDBusArgument class
The QDBusArgument::operator<<() specializations for QHash, QMap and QList
have been unified into common specializations for associative containers.
- \section2 QDBusConnection
+ \section2 The QDBusConnection class
The QDBusConnection::sender() function has been removed in Qt6.
- \section2 QDBusMessage
+ \section2 The QDBusMessage class
The QDBusMessage::createErrorReply() function now takes the QString \c name
argument by const reference instead of taking by value.
- \section2 QDBusPendingReply
- QDBusPendingReply has been changed to be a varadic template class in order
+ \section2 The QDBusPendingReply class
+ QDBusPendingReply has been changed to be a variadic template class in order
to support more than 8 template parameters now. The template parameters
are the types that will be used to extract the contents of the reply's data.
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\section1 Kernel classes
- \section2 QBitmap
+ \section2 The QBitmap class
Implicit construction of a QBitmap from a QPixmap is no longer supported.
The constructor and assignment operator have been made explicit and marked as
deprecated. Use the new static factory function \l{QBitmap::}{fromPixmap} instead.
- \section2 QCursor
+ \section2 The QCursor class
Implicit construction of a QCursor from a QPixmap is no longer supported, the
constructor has been made explicit.
- \section2 QKeyCombination
+ \section2 The QKeyCombination class
QKeyCombination is a new class for storing a combination of a key with an
optional modifier. It should be used as a replacement for combining values from
@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@
\section1 Text classes
- \section2 QFontDatabase
+ \section2 The QFontDatabase class
The QFontDatabase class has now only static member functions. The constructor
has been deprecated. Instead of e.g.
@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@
const QStringList fontFamilies = QFontDatabase::families();
- \section2 QFont
+ \section2 The QFont class
The numerical values of the QFont::Weight enumerator have been changed to
be in line with OpenType weight values. QFont::setWeight() expects an enum value
@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@
In addition, the class \l QOpenGLWidget has been moved to a new module, named
Qt OpenGL Widgets.
- \section2 QOpenGLContext
+ \section2 The QOpenGLContext class
The QOpenGLContext::versionFunctions() function is replaced by
QOpenGLVersionFunctionsFactory::get(). QOpenGLVersionFunctionsFactory is a public
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\note A notable exception is \l QOpenGLContext, which still resides in
Qt Gui.
- \section1 QOpenGLWidgets
+ \section1 The QOpenGLWidgets class
Another exception is the \l QOpenGLWidget class. This has been moved to a new
module named \c{Qt OpenGL Widgets} and should be included from there.
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In this topic we summarize those changes in Qt SQL, and provide guidance
to handle them.
- \section1 QSqlQuery
+ \section1 The QSqlQuery class
\section2 boundValues() Signature
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\section1 Touch-related functionality
- \section2 QTouchEventSequence
+ \section2 The QTouchEventSequence class
QTest::QTouchEventSequence functions taking a QWidget parameter has been moved
to a new class: QTest::QTouchEventWidgetSequence. The list of affected
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\section1 Kernel classes
- \section2 QWidget
+ \section2 The QWidget class
The virtual QWidget::enterEvent() handler now receives a QEnterEvent*
parameter which has information about the pointer position, rather than
@@ -71,12 +71,12 @@
\section1 Widgets
- \section2 QAbstractButton
+ \section2 The QAbstractButton class
The default timeout parameter for QAbstractButton::animateClick() is
removed to allow modern connection syntax without the need for qOverload.
- \section2 QComboBox
+ \section2 The QComboBox class
The QComboBox::setModel() function is now virtual.