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Fix small typo in the QMdiArea documentation
Added missing whitespace character in the documentation for QMdiArea, in the 'detailed explanation' section. Change-Id: I6be1d664bc15e3e461c5fc3d8f82311cc6ea60ea Reviewed-by: Giuseppe D'Angelo <> (cherry picked from commit 3cb2b5bfe3e3c84dcd4c1a04c8c981dbaf85f0a4) Reviewed-by: Qt Cherry-pick Bot <>
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Subwindows in QMdiArea are instances of QMdiSubWindow. They
are added to an MDI area with addSubWindow(). It is common to pass
a QWidget, which is set as the internal widget, to this function,
- but it is also possible to pass a QMdiSubWindow directly.The class
+ but it is also possible to pass a QMdiSubWindow directly. The class
inherits QWidget, and you can use the same API as with a normal
top-level window when programming. QMdiSubWindow also has behavior
that is specific to MDI windows. See the QMdiSubWindow class