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authorTimur Pocheptsov <>2017-04-05 15:35:38 +0200
committerTimur Pocheptsov <>2017-04-19 08:13:32 +0000
commit254f35ce98bebd8f4446fec66bb50f2126b61c28 (patch)
parent59d9ee0aa450c47fd266744d72da7ef61c027553 (diff)
QNetworkReplyHttpImpl - check 'isOpen' twice
A signal emitted after the first 'isOpen' check on QNetworkReply can trigger a slot that aborts/closes our reply. So before we can append any data to reply's buffer, we have to re-check that we're still open. Task-number: QTBUG-59909 Change-Id: I781d5a4fd5fc30d485af63f45cf36c254378af64 Reviewed-by: Edward Welbourne <> Reviewed-by: Alex Trotsenko <> Reviewed-by: Timur Pocheptsov <>
1 files changed, 6 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/src/network/access/qnetworkreplyhttpimpl.cpp b/src/network/access/qnetworkreplyhttpimpl.cpp
index bdb23ede1d..fec3b0a100 100644
--- a/src/network/access/qnetworkreplyhttpimpl.cpp
+++ b/src/network/access/qnetworkreplyhttpimpl.cpp
@@ -1883,6 +1883,12 @@ void QNetworkReplyHttpImplPrivate::_q_cacheLoadReadyRead()
totalSize.isNull() ? Q_INT64_C(-1) : totalSize.toLongLong());
+ // A signal we've emitted might be handled by a slot that aborts,
+ // so we need to check for that and bail out if it's happened:
+ if (!q->isOpen())
+ return;
// If there are still bytes available in the cacheLoadDevice then the user did not read
// in response to the readyRead() signal. This means we have to load from the cacheLoadDevice
// and buffer that stuff. This is needed to be able to properly emit finished() later.