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authorRichard Moe Gustavsen <>2013-11-01 15:21:45 +0100
committerThe Qt Project <>2013-11-04 11:42:01 +0100
commit2ae4e180ac865e5008e8c60facff74602f1b69de (patch)
parenta24ec6b273892c41f1c163fd43b568e3e5ff8279 (diff)
qt.prf: add correct library version when using qmlimportscanner
We need to add the correct suffix to the libs we add when running qmlimportscanner. Otherwise we will always add release versions of the libs instead of debug versions when generating debug builds. This in turn will confuse the xcode generator that will try to convert the libs in LIBS to native Xcode build variables. Change-Id: I4d9fab49ad9e644e9bfd06caf79fc084bde2a3b7 Reviewed-by: Tor Arne Vestbø <>
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/mkspecs/features/qt.prf b/mkspecs/features/qt.prf
index 279540c384..31d8b0e3ec 100644
--- a/mkspecs/features/qt.prf
+++ b/mkspecs/features/qt.prf
@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ if(contains(QT, qml)|contains(QT_PRIVATE, qml)): \
for (key, IMPORTS._KEYS_): {
PATH = $$eval(IMPORTS.$${key}.path)
PLUGIN = $$eval(IMPORTS.$${key}.plugin)
- !isEmpty(PATH):!isEmpty(PLUGIN): LIBS *= -L$$PATH -l$$PLUGIN
+ !isEmpty(PATH):!isEmpty(PLUGIN): LIBS *= -L$$PATH -l$${PLUGIN}$$qtPlatformTargetSuffix()
# create qml_plugin_import.cpp