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Doc: Fixed old text still mentioning QRegExp
The example has already been ported to QRegularExpression however part of the documentation still referred to the QRegExp class. This patch updates the documentation to match the new version of the code. Change-Id: Id433d0b28deae0c4f702c0c54d2704174f8c7689 Reviewed-by: Sze Howe Koh <>
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whitespace and one or several digits again.
The first digits of the regular expression are captured using
- parentheses. This enables us to use the QRegExp::cap() or
- QRegExp::capturedTexts() functions to extract the matched
+ parentheses. This enables us to use the QRegularExpressionMatch::captured()
+ or QRegularExpressionMatch::capturedTexts() functions to extract the matched
characters. If the first and second numbers of the spin box value
differ (e.g., "16 x 24"), we use the first number.