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docs: clarify usage of css 'qproperty' in stylesheets
Clarify that the qproperty properties will only be evaluated once. Fixes: QTBUG-2982 Change-Id: Ie294ced118f740c7378c62c0b5a4924d5628e118 Reviewed-by: Venugopal Shivashankar <>
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If the property references an enum declared with Q_ENUMS, you should
reference its constants by name, i.e., not their numeric value.
+ \note Use the qproperty syntax with care, as it modifies the
+ widget that is being painted. Also, the qproperty syntax is evaluated only
+ once, which is when the widget is polished by the style. This means that any
+ attempt to use them in pseudo-states such as QPushButton:hover, will not work.