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Fix assets iterator
- start from index -1 each time when we iterate. Each time when we add a FolderIterator to the stack we MUST reset the index (-1) otherwise it will continue from it's last position. To fix it we are cloning the FolderIterator to set the index to -1. The index must be -1 in order to set it to 0 when we first call next() method. - introduce "fileType" static method for a more reliable also much faster file type lookup. The old version of checking if a file exists, is a folder or a file was buggy that's why it skipped some file randomly. Fixes: QTBUG-80178 Change-Id: I4b28e4616399b1bff35d792b55ded1bf19b62dd9 Reviewed-by: Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt <>
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