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QString::arg: deprecate use of arbitrary Unicode digits as replacements
The only documented replacements for Q*String*::arg() are sequences like %1, %2, %3 -- where the n-th number is expressed using a sequence of ASCII digits [1]. The code parsing the replacements however used the QChar::digitValue() function. That function simply checks if a QChar has a *Unicode digit value* (no matter what its block/category is), and if so, returns the corresponding digit value as an int (otherwise returns -1). The result of this is that a sequence like "%¹" or "%१" actually triggered substitutions (both count as "1"). Similarly, QChars with a digit value would be parsed as part of longer sequences like "%1²" (counting as "12" (!)). This behavior is weird, undocumented, and extremely likely the usual backstabbing by Unicode by using "convenience" QChar methods -- that is, never *intended* by the implementation. This commit deprecates (via warnings) such usages, which for the time being are left working as before (in the name of backwards compatibility). At the same time: given it's extremely unlikely that someone would be deliberately relying on this behavior, it implements the desired change of behavior (only accept sequences of ASCII digits) starting from Qt 6.6, that is, after the next LTS. Throughout Qt 6's lifetime users will still be able to control arg()'s behavior by setting an env variable, but that variable (and the support for Unicode digits) will disappear in Qt 7. To summarize: * Qt 6.3->6.5: default is Unicode digits, env var to control * Qt 6.6->6.x: default is ASCII digits, env var to control * Qt 7: only ASCII digits, no env var [1] That's the name Unicode gives to them, cf. [ChangeLog][QtCore][Deprecation Notices] The arg() functions featured in Qt string classes have always been documented to require replacements tokens to be sequences of ASCII digits (like %1, %2, %34, and so on). A coding oversight made it accept sequences of arbitrary characters with a Unicode digit value instead. For instance, "%2੩" is interpreted as the 23rd substitution; and "%1²" is interpreted as the 12th substitution. This behavior is deprecated, and will result in runtime warnings. Starting from Qt 6.6, arg()'s behavior will be changed to accept only ASCII digits by default. That means that "%1²" is going to be interpreted as substitution number 1 followed by the "²" character (which does not get substituted, so it gets left as-is in the result). Users can restore the previous semantics (accept Unicode digits) by setting the QT_USE_UNICODE_DIGIT_VALUES_IN_STRING_ARG environment variable to a non-zero value. In Qt 7, arg() will only support sequences of ASCII digits. Note that from Qt 6.3 users can also set QT_USE_UNICODE_DIGIT_VALUES_IN_STRING_ARG to zero; this will make arg() use ASCII digits only, in preparation for the future change of defaults. Change-Id: I8a044b629bcca6996e76018c9faf7c6748ae04e8 Reviewed-by: Edward Welbourne <>
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