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committerAlexandru Croitor <>2020-06-04 23:21:27 +0200
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CMake: Protect against Qt toolchain file recursive inclusion
Three different people have encountered the issue that calling calling qt-cmake on a project prints 1000 inclusion lines of the same qt toolchain file, and then CMake bails out saying can't find the CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM Ninja. This happened because people accidentally called qt-cmake to configure qtbase (instead of just cmake), which created a toolchain file that chainloads itself recursively. Error out when configuring qtbase, and when using the generated toolchain file in the case when it would try to include itself. The solution is to remove the qtbase CMakeCache.txt file, and configure qtbase again, so it generates a proper qt.toolchain.cmake file. If somebody feels enthusiastic, they can move the check into the qt-cmake and qt-cmake-private shell scripts, and error out before the qtbase/CMakeCache.txt is polluted with the wrong toolchain file. That is left for people that feel more comfortable with bash and batch scripting. Change-Id: If518c94791fe7c30731e6e462e347f26a5213c64 Reviewed-by: Joerg Bornemann <>
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diff --git a/cmake/ b/cmake/
index d623d9c0fb..e7af642c05 100644
--- a/cmake/
+++ b/cmake/
@@ -6,9 +6,19 @@
- include("${qt_chainload_toolchain_file}")
- unset(qt_chainload_toolchain_file)
+ get_filename_component(__qt_chainload_toolchain_file_real_path
+ "${__qt_chainload_toolchain_file}" REALPATH)
+ if(__qt_chainload_toolchain_file_real_path STREQUAL CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_FILE)
+ message(FATAL_ERROR
+ "Woah, the Qt toolchain file tried to include itself recusively! '${__qt_chainload_toolchain_file}' "
+ "Make sure to remove qtbase/CMakeCache.txt and reconfigure qtbase with 'cmake' "
+ "rather than 'qt-cmake', and then you can reconfigure your own project."
+ )
+ else()
+ include("${__qt_chainload_toolchain_file}")
+ endif()
+ unset(__qt_chainload_toolchain_file)
# Compute dynamically the Qt installation prefix from the location of this file. This allows