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CMake: Update the README regarding the minimum cmake version required
The minimum required CMake version to build Qt on any platform is 3.16.0 at the moment. That's the first version that ships the implementation-specific AutogenInfo.json files, which we parse to implement the Qt moc --collect-json functionality. Change-Id: I6160cd74fa228aa330f4c1e512ffb766afc5f8a3 Reviewed-by: Leander Beernaert <> Reviewed-by: Alexandru Croitor <>
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Some libraries, tests and examples are still missing.
-You need CMake 3.15.0 or later for most platforms.
-You need CMake 3.16.0 to build Qt for iOS.
+You need CMake 3.16.0 or later for most platforms (due to new AUTOMOC json feature).
You need CMake 3.17.0 to build Qt for iOS with the simulator_and_device feature.
You need CMake 3.17.0 + Ninja to build Qt in debug_and_release mode on Windows / Linux.
You need CMake 3.18.0 + Ninja to build Qt on macOS in debug_and_release mode when using frameworks.