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Add QInputDevice::availableVirtualGeometry()
This property tells what part of the virtual desktop the input device can access. This is not a one-to-one mapping with a QScreen, because a Wacom tablet might be configured to access a whole desktop, a whole screen, or an area corresponding to the drawing area of one window; a mouse normally can access the whole desktop (so QScreen::virtualGeometry() would be identical to QInputDevice::availableVirtualGeometry()); a touchscreen normally is mapped to one screen but could be mapped differently; etc. It's possible to find the intersection of the rectangular area with the screen(s) that it overlaps, though. Task-number: QTBUG-78839 Change-Id: I9040e20fb5a3dec8a9a0dd827735826c4c1eea38 Reviewed-by: Jan Arve Sæther <>
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