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configure: don't force debug build for arch & cpu feature tests
amends b4525b3407, which gives no indication for why this was done. judging by other tests, it wasn't cargo-culted. i presume it was just about disabling debug-and-release, and the debug choice was arbitrary. the central system nowadays does the same, just that it uses release. amends 1533bfc5fc, which certainly _was_ cargo-culted from the former. as a side effect, this removes some other CONFIG manipulations which are handled centrally or are wholly ineffective nowadays. Change-Id: Ib9af2837925a2f19af05506e798a26d363635735 Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <>
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TARGET = arch
SOURCES = arch.cpp
-CONFIG -= qt dylib release debug_and_release
-CONFIG += debug console