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rewrite library handling in configure
so far, each library was distributed over a test and (optionally) a 'library' output of a feature. this was conceptually messy and limiting. so instead, turn libraries into a category of their own. libraries now support multiple properly separated sources, which makes overriding them a lot saner. sources can be conditional to accommodate platform differences. as an immediate consequence, move (almost) all library references from the config test projects to the json file. a few tests were excluded, because they are doing somewhat magic things that should not be handled in this bulk change: - freetype: .pri file shared with actual source code - clock-gettime: -lrt is conditional, and there is a .pri file which is shared with actual source code - ipc_posix: -lrt & -lpthread conditional - iconv: -liconv conditional the multi-source mechanism is used to make a variety of tests work on windows, where the library name differs from unix (and sometimes between build configurations). some tests still needed minor adjustments to actually work. on the way, fix up disagreements between manually specified libraries and pkg-config lines (affecting several xcb-related tests). Change-Id: Ic8c58556fa0cf8f981d386b13ea34b4431b127c5 Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <>
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SOURCES = xcb-xlib.cpp
CONFIG -= qt
-LIBS += -lxcb -lX11 -lX11-xcb