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Add compile-time generation of JNI class namesHEADdev
As with method signatures, register class names using template function specialization in the QtJniTypes namespace, and then declare C++ types as JNI classes with a class name string. Such classes implicitly get registered as JNI types as well. Add a QJniObject construct method (since C++ constructors that are templates cannot be explicitly instantiated with a type), and a QJniEnvironment::findClass overload. Add test coverage, also for the recently added macros for native methods. As a drive-by, change the name of the Q_JNI_DECLARE_NATIVE_METHOD macro to Q_DECLARE_JNI_NATIVE_METHOD for consistency. Change-Id: Ic19562d78da726f202b3bdf4e9354e8ad24d8bd9 Reviewed-by: Ivan Solovev <> Reviewed-by: Assam Boudjelthia <>
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