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Add a functionality test for DirectFB to ensure it compiles.
Some versions of the DirectFB headers are unclean and will cause Qt compilation failures. So blacklist those versions. Version 1.5.3 (present in Fedora 16) is known to be buggy and gets disabled by this patch. The compile error was: qurlquery.h:169:5: error: ‘typeof’ was not declared in this scope (qplatformcursor_qpa.h includes qevent.h which includes qurl.h which includes that) The error comes from the Q_FOREACH expansion. Note that Q_FOREACH uses __typeof__, so it's supposed to be safe, unless someone ill-advised goes and defines the GCC "safe" macro (double underscores on both sides) to something else. Change-Id: Ida41ee3b3c2fcba86a7e12182e7055123166693b Reviewed-by: Oswald Buddenhagen <>
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