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QAbstractItemModelTester: don't rely on hasChildren()
Dynamic models which use fetchMore to asynchronously fill subdirs (like KDirModel) return true in hasChildren() for dirs that are expected to have children (so that the "+" shows in the treeview) but do not actually have children readily available. They will be inserted later on once the async listing job is done (as a result of fetchMore triggering that job). So QAbstractItemModelTester should use rowCount instead, to find out if there are children present. This detected a bug in QConcatenateTablesProxyModel: it returned a non-zero rowCount for its items, while it's flat. Change-Id: Idcdc86159f1fc79ed5297075dfcf30c09896287a Pick-to: 5.15 Reviewed-by: Volker Hilsheimer <>
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