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committerThiago Macieira <>2019-02-06 08:11:29 +0000
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x86: Disable AVX support on 64-bit MinGW
GCC for 64-bit Windows has a bug that it fails to properly re-align the stack pointer for use with 256-bit memory addresses (AVX). Therefore, there's about a 50/50 chance that any function using AVX will have an improperly-aligned stack. In release mode, stack accesses should be rare, but in debug mode they happen frequently. Either way, this is a ticking time bomb, so we disable. Clang is not affected. 32-bit MinGW is not affected. 64-bit in other OSes with GCC are not affected. Fixes: QTBUG-73539 Change-Id: Id061f35c088044b69a15fffd1580967808f31671 Reviewed-by: Allan Sandfeld Jensen <>
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diff --git a/config.tests/x86_simd/main.cpp b/config.tests/x86_simd/main.cpp
index 8120cb9d3f..4fac13973a 100644
--- a/config.tests/x86_simd/main.cpp
+++ b/config.tests/x86_simd/main.cpp
@@ -144,6 +144,9 @@ attribute_target("sha") void test_shani()
#if T(AVX)
+# if defined(__WIN64__) && defined(__GNUC__) && !defined(__clang__)
+# error "AVX support is broken in 64-bit MinGW -"
+# endif
attribute_target("avx") void test_avx()
__m256d a = _mm256_setzero_pd();