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QHostInfo: fix a race condition on QHostInfoCache::enabled
In auto-test-enabled builds, QHostInfoCache can be enabled and disabled using qt_qhostinfo_enable_cache() at any time. We cannot rule out that users use this function, or, indeed, that the auto-test never gets a threading stress-test. Under the assumption, then, that QHostInfoCache::enabled can be set by any thread at any time, and is read by any thread using QHostInfo::lookupHost(), we're presented with a data race, thus UB. Fix by making the accesses to QHostInfoCache::enabed atomic. Relaxed operations are suffcient, as the bool is the only data of interest in these situations. In particular, access to the cache itself is protected by the cache's mutex. We use std::atomic<bool> because QAtomicInteger<bool> doesn't exist on all implementations, but std::atomic<bool> must. Commit a0faf9e2366 set the precedent that it works. Change-Id: Ia1766753bb54c5fe8d8447b51a49a96a7a853eef Reviewed-by: MÃ¥rten Nordheim <>
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