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@@ -9,6 +9,12 @@ ICU_PREFIX=/opt/icu42 ICU_LIBS="-licui18n -licuuc -licudata".
It is also possible to manipulate any QMAKE_* variable, to amend the values
from the mkspec for the build of Qt itself, e.g., QMAKE_CXXFLAGS+=-g3.
+Note that the *_LIBS* and QMAKE_* assignments manipulate lists, so items
+containing meta characters (spaces in particular) need to be quoted according
+to qmake rules. On top of that, the assignments as a whole need to be quoted
+according to shell rules. It is recommended to use single quotes for the inner
+quoting and double quotes for the outer quoting.
Top-level installation directories:
-prefix <dir> ...... The deployment directory, as seen on the target device.
[/usr/local/Qt-$QT_VERSION, $PWD if -developer-build]
@@ -60,8 +66,10 @@ Configure meta:
-redo ................ Re-configure with previously used options.
Additional options may be passed, but will not be
saved for later use by -redo.
- -recheck ............. Discard cached negative configure test results.
+ -recheck [test,...] .. Discard cached negative configure test results.
Use this after installing missing dependencies.
+ Alternatively, if tests are specified, only their
+ results are discarded.
-recheck-all ......... Discard all cached configure test results.
-feature-<feature> ... Enable <feature>