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move emission of final messages to qmake-based configure
now qmake is the last command called by the unix configure script. as it happens, this was already the case in the windows script, but only because it didn't print these messages at all, which it implicitly does now. another effect of this is that repositories outside qtbase will now also get the installation note in modular builds, which makes sense. Change-Id: I567146936b216185a8e0f61e445222215608bf13 Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <>
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--- a/configure.pri
+++ b/configure.pri
@@ -458,6 +458,10 @@ defineTest(qtConfOutput_prepareSpec) {
QMAKESPEC = $$[QT_HOST_DATA/src]/mkspecs/$$XSPEC
+ notes = $$cat($$OUT_PWD/.config.notes, lines)
+ !isEmpty(notes): \
+ qtConfAddNote("Also available for $$notes")
# deviceOptions() below contains conditionals coming form the spec,
# so this cannot be delayed for a batch reload.