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clean up qconfig/qmodule.pri handling in configure
instead of saving the files away and restoring them afterwards, use the new and shiny discard_from() function to throw away everything the files might contain. strictly speaking, this is not precise, as the pris may also use *=, -=, and possibly other operations which cannot be trivially undone, but the purpose is essentially to discard the special outputs of some features which may affect subsequent tests, for which this is sufficient. as a side effect, the failure to load qmodule.pri is not fatal any more (like for qconfig.pri), to save the pointless effort of ensuring that it exists. Change-Id: I07625b60c4f2e27b21206b2c16d24ab111737395 Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <>
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diff --git a/configure.pri b/configure.pri
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--- a/configure.pri
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@@ -773,6 +773,10 @@ defineTest(qtConfReport_buildMode) {
qtConfReportPadded($$1, $$build_mode)
+# ensure pristine environment for configuration
# load and process input from configure
exists("$$OUT_PWD/config.tests/configure.cfg") {