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bearer plugins: eradicate Java-style iterators and Q_FOREACH
This is the simple part of the job, removing Q_FOREACH loops which are obviously safe to be replaced by C++11 range-for. In QNetworkManagerEngine::sessionStateForId(), instead of iterating over QHash::keys(), iterate over the QHash directly (using C++11 range-for, as we're only using the values, not the keys). In QNetworkManagerEngine::connectToId(), simplify the loop body by merging three identical if blocks into one. Saves ~1.7KiB accumulated over the three Linux bearer plugins: connman, generic, nm (optimized GCC 6.1 Linux AMD64 build). Change-Id: Ic66139c25f7e2173f5a919927e269b873334d2c8 Reviewed-by: Lorn Potter <>
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