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Fix typo in configure.
The option is named securetransport, not secure-transport. Change-Id: I5efdde6d751cbc7e9717c6bfe0add93c5dbd2ec9 Reviewed-by: Giuseppe D'Angelo <>
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@@ -2697,7 +2697,7 @@ MacOS/iOS options:
link tools against those frameworks.
-no-framework ...... Do not build Qt as a series of frameworks.
- -secure-transport .. Use SecureTransport instead of OpenSSL (requires -no-openssl)
+ -securetransport ... Use SecureTransport instead of OpenSSL (requires -no-openssl)
-sdk <sdk> ......... Build Qt using Apple provided SDK <sdk>. The argument should be
one of the available SDKs as listed by 'xcodebuild -showsdks'.