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Add support for single-file multi-target intrinsics in Qt
GCC 4.9 now allows us to #include any and all intrinsics headers, not just the one for which we're compiling code, a behavior that ICC and MSVC have had for some time. With that, we're able to have the functions for different targets in the same source file. See the GCC manual: This functionality is notified by the QT_COMPILER_SUPPORTS_HERE(XXX) macro, which indicates that all the intrinsics from QT_COMPILER_SUPPORTS_xxx are available and enabled. To complement, a QT_COMPILER_SUPPORTS(XXX) macro is also added. Unlike ICC and MSVC, GCC requires a special function attribute, which will also cause code optimization. That's the QT_FUNCTION_TARGET macro. Note: because of the absence of the target attribute, ICC and MSVC will not generate instructions with the VEX prefix unless they only exist with the VEX prefix or if -mavx / -arch:AVX are enabled. Change-Id: I0c1880c20324bd8e0fc68a863e36d1fa7755dff0 Reviewed-by: Allan Sandfeld Jensen <>
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case "$VAL" in
+ echo "#define QT_COMPILER_SUPPORTS_$SUBARCH 1" \