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Remove dependency on QPlatformSupport in fontdatabase test
If you include a static library in the test, all symbols will be duplicated, and this can cause nasty crashes because global static data is also duplicated. This happened on Linux because of a global static cache in the font engine where the two instances of it would get out of sync, and we would reference invalid data. To test QPlatformSupport features, a QPlatformSupport test which does not load any platform plugin (or uses its own platform plugin which does not load QPlatformSupport) is needed. For now, I will just revert adding the test, since it is broken and was added as part of supporting Windows CE: f2fabf77f9bc18448aed0e99a6d7d1d6c5c9c736. Change-Id: I6c002d1e0880ee8e031a68eee80e781fe0c62af4 Reviewed-by: Konstantin Ritt <>
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