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Update the Unicode Data and Algorithms up to Unicode 6.2
Version 6.2 of the Unicode Standard is a special release dedicated to the early publication of the newly encoded Turkish lira sign. In addition, there are some significant changes to the Unicode algorithms for text segmentation and line breaking to improve breaking for emoji symbols. For more details, see Change-Id: I21cfd4f307e41b41a19d36cce87f7a44c2661bc2 Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <> Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <>
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@@ -336,6 +336,9 @@ General Improvements
'contains(QT_CONFIG,c++11):CONFIG+=c++11'. This will enable C++11 support
only if Qt was built with C++11 support.
+- The Unicode Data and Algorithms has been updated to match the
+ Unicode Standard of version 6.2. For more information see
Third party components
@@ -350,7 +353,12 @@ the 3rdparty directory.
-* drop a bogus QChar::NoCategory enum value; the proper QChar::Other_NotAssigned
+* [QTBUG-12144], [QTBUG-18360] The QChar methods are now able to handle the full range
+ of Unicode codepoints defined by the Unicode Standard of version 6.2.
+ QChar::isPrint() will no longer return a false positives for
+ the Unicode format characters, surrogates, and private use characters.
+* Drop a bogus QChar::NoCategory enum value; the proper QChar::Other_NotAssigned
value is returned for an unassigned codepoints now.
* layoutAboutToBeChanged is no longer emitted by QAbstractItemModel::beginMoveRows.